Student Talk

This week, I decided to take the topics we have been discussing in our connected learning class and discuss them with my students. Since we have been discussing topics like equity, interest learning, student choice, and technology, I decided to listen to what my students had to say!

The following examples show my students’ viewpoints about each topic (in their point of view):

Equity/fairness/respect: During testing, teachers bring in snacks and make sure that every student in the class gets some. We enjoy getting snacks because it shows that our teacher cares about us. Also, our teachers show respect to each other because they say “in my class you can do ______, but in another class you need to follow Mrs. ______’s rules. This tells us that our teachers respect one another. We know our teachers care about us because they tell us things like “we are a family” and that makes us feel good inside. In class, some kids get taken out to go to other classrooms to work on what they need. This is good for us and our friends.

Interest learning: We like when teachers talk about our interests with us. They know what we like to do, but it does not always get talked about when we are actually learning. When we are done our work, we like how we can choose what we want to do from a set of choices.

Student choice: We like when we can choose from a lot of things we might be interested in because if there is one option you might not enjoy, it can get boring. Also, some things might be more difficult for certain students to do, so they can choose what is easy for them. When we have choice, it makes us feel lucky and happy.

Technology: We really like to use technology because we use it a lot every day. It is easy for us to use and we want to practice more because it can help us in real life in the future. Also, laptops can help us find things like a definition, a picture, etc. When we practice using technology, it makes us better and we like that.

What can teachers work on: We want to go on more field trips! On field trips we see things you wouldn’t normally see in the classroom. Also, we get to know new places and new things. We want teachers to take us outside more often. We could connect health to doing exercise, so that we get more in shape while we learn. We wish teachers would ask us even more questions about what we like to do, so we can be the teacher and the teacher can be the student. That would be fun. Then our teachers would learn. Last, we want teachers to learn some of our language (their native language), so that we can all speak the same language.

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